The Secret to BD (Creative) Tea

So our creative team recently proved that they weren’t just creative with their Macs…their tea-mashing skills are pretty unique too.  Their (apparent) creative success is down to the bespoke blend of the ‘Brown Dog Mash-Up’ – a pot of tea that involves fractions, three branded tea bags and a five minute brew!

We asked Mark Cottrell, creative director to divulge his secrets behind the brew:

What’s it called? It depends – to clients it’s called The Infusion to the ‘Dogs it’s called ‘Brown Dog Mash-Up’

Where did it come from?  Unfortunately, I can’t take the credit for the Mash-Up, my Mum came up with it.  (the creative genes clearly run in the family)

What makes it special? It’s a unique blend of a builders and posh tea. Fresh, but strong.

How do you make it?
 Put two strong teabags (we prefer Yorkshire Tea) and one earl grey in to a pot, give it a stir and let it brew for five minutes before pouring.

When is the best time to enjoy it? Every day is a Brown Dog Mash-Up day – morning, noon and sometimes night!

Let us know if you have a) any tea secrets or b) tried the Brown Dog Mash-Up.

Keep brewing…. BD

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