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Having a home you love, that works and supports you has never been more important. The power of home relates to the way it makes us feel…

Being at home has become a lifestyle experience. Over the past 12 months we’ve all felt the importance of having a home we love, beyond the curtains, carpets and other aesthetic pleasures. A home that works and supports us. The power of home relates to the way it makes us feel.

A supportive home is responsive to our needs. Here at Brown Dog we love the idea of flexible homes that are changeable to nurture, support and expand as needed. Our future homes will support our wellbeing and our health. And perhaps more significantly, our planet.

In a world that will soon be 75% urbanised, we need to think smarter about recycling and using reusable, sustainable products. The talk of sustainability is not new, but if our powerlessness during 2020 has taught us anything…it’s that the time to take action is now.

Our future homes:

We have advanced technology in our cars with voice recognition to tell us when to refuel, recharge, book a service and buckle our belts. So why not have this level of care for our homes?  Our biggest life investment. There is incredible eco tech, sustainable materials and ways of living a better experience, at home, available. More homeowners need to be aware of these. We need to raise the voice of smarter more sustainable homes.

We caught up with London based Architect Tom Longley to get his thoughts on the future of design…

What are you looking for from brands?  “Architects are a diverse group and it really depends on the product and the scale of the project. Beyond having a great product, the accessibility of technical information is key. I think with smaller projects more tangible parts are important like being able to see the products in real life. It’s always important to be able to get hold of samples quickly too.  For me it is essential that technical information is clear and easy to find. Awareness, accessibility to product and clear information are key.”

Does your passion for architecture / design infiltrate into your personal life?“Architecture can be somewhat all-encompassing, I love participating in “open house” or visiting “living architecture” houses on holiday. When traveling abroad I spend far too much time photographing buildings and participating in architourism, spotting buildings and architectural designs. I check the Architect’s Journal and Dezeen before I ever read a newspaper. Brands that integrate themselves into these spaces often seep into your head without you realising it. For interiors; the brands I connect with often come from shopping. In London, if I’m in Islington I will always look in Twenty Twenty One or SCP on my lunch break. These shops curate a great selection of brands into one place.”




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