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Over the last year we’ve helped brands push their creative boundaries through virtual campaign launches, digital photoshoots and cyber design consultations. Utilising and understanding creative online opportunities will help your brand stay relevant in 2021.

The pandemic has made brands push their creative boundaries through virtual campaign launches and digital photoshoots, even as far as capsule collections in a cyber fantasy world.

Like Zoom, TikTok and Houseparty, Nintendo’s video game Animal Crossing quickly became a digital hero of the Coronavirus era. Millions of players entered the virtual world – turning an empty desert island into a colourful paradise through buying and trading objects. Digital avatars with customisable skin tones, hairstyles and clothing dominate. Unsurprisingly, savvy brands were quick to enter this fantasy playground too. Who wouldn’t want to customise their Animal Crossing world Net-A-Porter style with a capsule collection from fashion designer Isabel Marant?  We relish creativity in all forms and think this concept is genius!

 All these forward-thinking and digital ways of communication are here to stay… Brands need to utilise them to survive and stay relevant.


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